The Roman Forum

On my tour, we went through the Roman Forum of Italy. It was here that I had to use a bit of my imagination because the artifacts were from such a long time ago, but it was so fascinating to see all of the buildings how they have been preserved even to this day.

Looking at the photo on the left, you can notice how the door is higher up than the steps and the man on the thrown. This is because part way through the age of this building, there was a rise in ground level, so they had to raise the door level, despite the statue being under the dirt. Since then, it has been completely excavated, along with the entire roman forum. I cannot imagine how much work and time that must have taken them to excavate all of that without damaging anything.

Here you can see an arch along with a broken piece on the right. The arch is covered in these detailed flowers. I cannot imagine how much time it would have taken the Romans to carve all those flowers, and how!

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