The Dachau Concentration Camp & interview

My friend and I had booked in advance, a guided tour of the Dachau concentration camp. My friend and I both really take a big interest in history, and thought it was needed that we visit and pay our respects to those who suffered in the camp.

The camp was very well presented with lots of information on the history, though i had a tour guide to tell us everything and more about the things that happened, how they happened and for what purpose. He told us that the prisoners had to line up outside on the main square every day, twice a day and sometimes it would take hours, and one time it took over 20 hours. They would force the sick and even those who could no longer walk, out to the square, because everyone had to be counted, and the guards did not care one bit about how the prisoners felt about that fact. The prisoners had to have their feet together, hands by their sides out of their pockets with uniform and cap in place. If anyone failed to do so, they would be whipped, and have to count the lashes to 12, and if they failed to count along, they would often be whipped to death.

After the long and educational guided tour of Dachau, my friend and I decided to grab some soup with the tour guide to ask some interview questions.

Me: how long have you worked as a tour guide?

Eric: 10 years short!

Me: do you enjoy it?

Eric: Absolutely. I used to do a tour around central Munich for about 6 years, but now I just do Dachau because it sparks a great deal of personal interest for me that I think is important in a tour guide, when it comes to the tours they provide. I have, and continue to read many books about the Second World War and the history of Dachau, so my knowledge just keeps growing and growing and never gets boring for me, and I think my group always has such a positive experience because of this, in terms of quality.

Me: What did you do before becoming a tour guide?

Eric: I was a golf course worker in my younger years and I loved the sun, fresh air and the beer the players would give me for free, however I got tired of the moving around and wanted to do something that would be enjoyable but also educational for the world as well.

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