The innovative Okko Hotel of Strasbourg & interview

In the past week, the group of students and I went deeper into Strasbourg, France to visit the Okko Hotel for an informative overview of the hotels goals, what they offer, how they strive to please their guests with premium hospitality, and of course, how they contribute to the environment in terms of sustainability.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and seated in the breakfast lounge area of the hotel with access to beverages, courtesy of the hotel, then shortly began a discussion about the hotel chain’s background and goals towards their recurring and future potential guests. Following the discussion, we were given a brief tour of the hotel’s rooms and to my surprise, the rooms were very small. I was in complete understanding that the hotel’s main focus is for short stays by those who are travelling light, but regardless, I found that the rooms were fairly suffocating in size and lacked any signs of luxury in the design. Considering the room rates of the hotel are not cheap, I was fairly disappointed in what I saw, nor can I comprehend just how the hotel was able to achieve a four-star rating.  Aside from the negative views I was faced with during the visit, I do think the hotel has some great ideas within itself.



After the hotel tour, we returned to the breakfast lounge area once again, where I was pleased to have the opportunity to do a brief interview with one of the employees of the hotel, Lucas Alegre. I spoke about the hotel’s unique prospects and asked why he chose to work for the company, to which he responded with “It is very close for me to get to, because I live in Strasbourg, and the work environment here is very positive, makes working an enjoyable experience”. I then asked him, considering how new the hotel is if it was able to, at any point so far, reach full capacity, to which he responded saying they have, during the winter holiday. Following these responses, I asked him a final question regarding the parking issue. Considering that the hotel does not have any source of parking for its guests, I asked Lucas how they accommodate their guests with this issue and to which he responded stating that they try to help guests locate nearby parking areas and available transportation options.

For more information on rates and inclusions, visit the company’s website at

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