A story of Amsterdam with my dearest friend

Well, given that I am studying in the tourism and travel field, in Europe, for two months, I thought what the hay, lets book some trips for our weekends while abroad with my closest friend.

It was our first weekend travelling away from the Chateau, only halfway through the first month of our time abroad. We booked our flights, reserved our room, bought our tickets, we were going to Amsterdam. Ecstatic to visit the Netherlands, we decided it would be best to arrive at the airport in good time to ensure there would be no complications or rushing in the equation. After arriving at the airport we soon register that it is closed and we had to wait a good two hours in the cold for the doors into the warm building would welcome us in. Nonetheless, this did not bring us down. It was only the beginning, right? Yes, it really was just the beginning.

After arriving at the airport, we got settled in at our hotel in Zaandam, EasyHotel which I would recommend to my fellow travellers that they also consider this as an option for accommodation. A new hotel which just opened its doors in mid-2017, I had no complaints. It was extremely well located to both the airport and the train station, the rooms were very lovely, and hey so was the price!

Without further a due,  let me continue with this adventure story. So, after settling in, we headed out to the trains and arrived in Amsterdam to start our exploration. We went to a few museums, visited some shops, enjoyed a tasty meal and sipped on some authentic Dutch beer. What a fantastic evening it was. When we got home later that night, both happy and full of excitement for the following day, it had occurred to me that I could not locate my wallet. Without panicking I continued to search my things until I realized it was nowhere to be found. The first thing I did was contact the Netherlands transportation security to file a missing report in hopes that it may show up or be returned. Unfortunately, the chances of it being returned were slim to none. I was aware of this fact and tried to look on the bright side of things. I doubt I will ever fully be able to wrap my head around the loss, and the knowledge that it was likely the case of theft.

Today marks only a couple days after the event took place, and I can confidently say I will never get over what happened. Big or small, I was a victim and its never a positive feeling by any means and doesn’t go away quickly. I am blessed and thankful to have the support I do from my dearest friend. It would be a much larger challenge had I not had a friend like her.

I see it as a learning experience now, a tough one, and wish to share what happened to me with whomever my readers are, and anyone I speak to who thinks of travelling to any highly populated city with lots of tourism. There is always the risk of pickpocketing all around the world and it should not discourage anyone from travelling, just like it has not discouraged me. Just make sure you always use a money wallet and have all your important items highly concealed and out of view at all times. Also make sure you don’t carry around large amounts of money at any given time on your person, as its much safer to keep it at your hotel in a safe, along with your passport and other travel documents. I am thankful I was not harmed and did not also face the loss of my passport. The best advice I can give is always aware of your belongings when youre away from home because unfortunately you never know what might happen. You may think it would never happen to you, but it can. You can never be too careful. I support fanny-packs. Safe travels, my friends.

Me at the tourist centre with my little bag exposed, shortly before it was taken from me.

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