Tour through Strasbourg City Center

On Thursday, January 4th, the group and I headed out to the nearest local bus transportation system to work our way towards the city center of Strasbourg. The chateau is situated in a very picturesque location, but after arriving downtown, I was very impressed both with the architecture and the aura which enriched the atmosphere. With a number of streets with houses dating back to the 12th and 13th century, there was by no means a lack in the history department in this city.

Upon arrival, we met up shortly with our tour guide, who showed us around the city. She began with what was my favourite part, the Notre Dame Cathedral. Pictured above is the outlook after walking up the cathedral. The view was absolutely spectacular. A great way to view the city from above and get some good shots for your memories, or hey, put on your blog!

I learned that back in the 12th century when the building construction first began, there were over 2,000 people working on the building each day. I found that quite fascinating. There is also a time capsule in the ground around the cathedral with a few artefacts, unfortunately, we could not open it because it is not to be touched until the year 3790!

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