Arrival at Chateau De Portales

The journey begins here! A small group of Canadian hospitality and tourism  students set forth on a two-month adventure to the European country of France. Staying at a beautiful 3 star chateau in the heart of Alsace, this is where the journey starts.

After a long 7.5 hour flight from Toronto, Canada over to Frankfurt, Germany, the group and I were not exactly full of energy. Although despite the level of sleep deprivation we were struggling with, stepping foot into another country has always been an exciting feeling for me. After we got through customs at the airport in Germany, we headed through to meet with everyone in preparation to set out for our transfer by bus, to the Chateau in Strasbourg, France. I personally even enjoyed sitting in the bus looking out at the highway seeing all the nice German cars zoom by, and every now and then, we would pass by a little town, and it got me so excited to see how different it was from back home in Canada. With all the European architecture, I was in awe from the start.

After finally arriving at the hotel after 2 hours in the bus, I was bordering on grumpy, but after seeing the Chateau, I was in heaven. With so much history behind the building, I was full of fascination and curiosity. Not to mention the great hospitality we were greeted with upon arrival. From that moment on, I knew it was nothing short of a start to an amazing, memorable and experiential journey.

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