Visiting Basil, Switzerland

Yesterday I got to visit Basil, Switzerland for a student guided walking our. We only had a brief amount of time in the city, but I was able to take in the culture a little bit. I got to see some old buildings and even the Rhine river which was very beautiful. The ground of the city was completely covered in colorful stones and pastel buildings covered the streets. A lot of the more historical buildings had tiles on them in unique patterns.

Visiting the Alpirsbacher Klosterbrau Brewery

In Germany, I visited a family owned beer brewery for a short tour and beer tasting experience. It was really fun and entertaining to learn about the beer process with a comedic guide.

I got to learn about all the different types of beer they brew, how many of them they sell, which ones are most popular, as well as telling us an interesting fact that Germany beer consumption has been going down and down every year.


I tried two different beers, one light/blonde and one dark beer, the dark beer was my favorite because it had a rich amount of flavor and personality.

A Day Too Short at Vatican City

This past weekend in Rome, I also got the chance of visiting the Vatican city, see the museum, and be enchanted by St. Peters Basilica. I was so swept away by all the history the museum had in it, feeling like I really did go back into another time long ago. It was very magical and I really recommend anyone going to Rome to see the Vatican, because it really is worth all the hype it has!

Starting with the statues, there were so many, and again, so well preserved for the history each of them has. I wanted to take a photo of each of them, but that would mean sharing over hundreds of photos, so I am just going to share some of my favorites.

I also went into this large hall of old carpets, all with a story attached to them, with great detail, they were definitely considered art, most with a gruesome picture shown. 

Nearly the entire museum was covered in this as a ceiling. Every time I looked up I was amazed by the detail.


The Roman Forum

On my tour, we went through the Roman Forum of Italy. It was here that I had to use a bit of my imagination because the artifacts were from such a long time ago, but it was so fascinating to see all of the buildings how they have been preserved even to this day.

Looking at the photo on the left, you can notice how the door is higher up than the steps and the man on the thrown. This is because part way through the age of this building, there was a rise in ground level, so they had to raise the door level, despite the statue being under the dirt. Since then, it has been completely excavated, along with the entire roman forum. I cannot imagine how much work and time that must have taken them to excavate all of that without damaging anything.

Here you can see an arch along with a broken piece on the right. The arch is covered in these detailed flowers. I cannot imagine how much time it would have taken the Romans to carve all those flowers, and how!

Gelato in Italy

Well, being a big fan of gelato, I made sure I got to try some when I got to Italy. I decided to visit the famous Giolitti in Rome and got three different flavors, pistachio, strawberry and white chocolate, all of which were super delicious. I just hope I am able to find a place like this back in Toronto, Canada when I go home and will definitely be looking for a gelato place in Paris next week!


I used to wonder what the difference really was between ice cream and gelato, well, apparently gelato doesn’t use any cream in it, where ice cream does. This surprises me because gelato tastes so creamy and delicious. I am a fan!

The Roman Colosseum

In Rome, I booked a hotel right beside the Colosseum with a close view overlooking it. However, I also planned a guided visit inside to see the underground! It was so fascinating to hear all about the history of the place. Its uses, what went on, and how long ago.


A panoramic view from the stage. The place where gladiators and wild beasts would fight for their spectators. 

The underground tour where we learnt about exactly what went on down there, including dungeons for gladiators, cells for the many slaves, and more cells for all the wild beasts and creatures who would be used in battle, often to the death. Where green patches can be seen on the floor, indicates the original ground with no restoration. 

A Delicious taste of Rome at Pataclara

This past weekend I took a trip to Rome, Italy. Very excited with lots of things to do in store! I wanted to talk a bit about the amazing food they have there though, because it really does deserve some credit!

My friend and I went to this amazing five star restaurant by the name of Pataclara. We came across it using TripAdvisor and we were blown away with the service, the atmosphere and most of all, the taste.


This was a little bite the waiter gave us while we were waiting for our starter to come..honey mustard and olives..


The starter. A plate of shrimp cooked perfectly and paired with a delicious sauce.


Finally, the main course, Spaghetti with a delicious creamy sauce. The noodles tasted fresh, with no doubts that they were made fresh in the restaurant.


Desert. A tasty brownie with mango sorbet and whipped cream.


For a reservation, call or visit Pataclara at their website